Matthew Bernard, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon

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California born, Dr. Matthew Bernard is a pioneer and leader in Outpatient Joint Replacement. He was the first to perform Fast Track hip and knee replacement in our region in 2014. Since then, he has delivered joint replacement to thousands in our area and is committed to returning patients to their lives in a caring and personal manner.

While getting his BS and MA degrees at the University of Alabama, he was also a pitcher for the Tide’s baseball team. While there, he met and married his now wife, Sarah. Together, they have three beautiful children, a son, 14 and twin daughters, 12.

Dr. Bernard attended UT College of Medicine in Memphis and stayed for his residency at the esteemed Campbell Clinic. After residency, he moved on to Stanford University for his hip and knee fellowship. In 2012, he has settled in Chattanooga to begin Orthopaedic practice. In 2021, he joined Southeastern Spine · Brain · Joint.

Dr. Bernard is a fellowship trained, Board certified Orthopaedic surgeon with appointments in the AAOS and AAHKS.